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In the spring of the lovely hand knit baby shoes gilrs wedges casual shoes higher single shoes sponge cake2

  • hand-woven shoes
  • 2
  • same as knitted uppr
  • 100 pairs/one color
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Post Date : August 11
Product Details
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Item specifics

hand-woven shoes
same as knitted uppr
100 pairs/one color
Bright color,colorful upper
Inner Packing: 1 pair/box ;
Guangdong China (Mainland)
Knitted elastic + woven tape
Color Box.
Oem brand
rubber band


1.goodlooking shape
2.simple structure
3.convenient erection
4.quick heat dissipation
5.fine permeability,high qualty

Woven shoes from traditional hand-woven art, health retro theme, the use of texture, comfortable, breathable soft, natural quality mercerized cotton, carefully woven by hand-made production, especially fine; product stereoscopic, elegant; style pretty unique, color matching is also quite place; soft, light texture, safe and comfortable, breathable cool enough in warm while effectively promote blood circulation. Fashion, back to nature, the expression of personality, care enough fashion retro double heritage-themed style.

Basic meaning weaving of editing is a technology, is also a finger movements, is the mother of children, the kindness of his wife to the husband, weaving is a woman's heart.

Life forms

Is refers to the human is stored into the brain's visual, hearing, touch and other kinds of information in order to combination and arrangement, the purpose and idea eventually form their need of process.


Weaving process

The basic concept

The branches of the plants, leaf, stem, such as leather processing, use manual weaving process.

Evolution: weaving is one of the oldest human arts and crafts. According to the I ching copulative "records, the old Stone Age, the human is woven with plant bast WangGu (mesh), ChengShi inside the ball, throw to the wounded animal. At the end of the xi 'an banpo neolithic village, temple groove, three mile bridge neolithic site unearthed pottery, with the "ten" word, the word "people" lines, clearly shows that is composed of woven bamboo mat impression, some also found that the bottom of the pot to have woven bamboo mat bamboo residue. Zhejiang yuyao hemudu site unearthed reed mat, about 7000 years ago. In 1958, in zhejiang huzhou Qian Shan Yang village late neolithic site unearthed bamboo weaving is more striking, about more than 200, most of them thin bamboo strip after grinding. Knitting craft is quite delicate, during this period has a "people" glyph, "ten" glyph and diamond, the plum flower shape and form. Implements the varieties have a basket, basket, basket, basket, etc. The zhou dynasty, in order to rush weave this.i have been widespread. Han dynasty to mat (aka marin, Ma Lancao, bulrush) weaving for seats, from three auxiliary (now shaanxi central), hedong (now the research), etc. In tang dynasty, the production of the mat is very common, the cane makes up of fujian, guangdong, hebei cangzhou wicker, shanxi PuZhou (now forever dhi, hejin) such as straw weaving are famous arts and crafts. The cane makes up of guangdong and woven flowers, worms, and the curtain birds design. Song dynasty, zhejiang dongyang bamboo weaving varieties have dragon lantern, lantern, regimes, sweet basket, flower basket, etc., can weave the calligraphy and painting, design, craft is exquisite, in each PingFangCun (11 cm square) within the area of the thin bamboo strip can be woven 120 root, sometimes decorated with gold thread. To the Ming and qing dynasties, zhejiang, jiangsu, hunan, sichuan, fujian, guangdong and other places such as straw, the cane, bamboo weaving production with development, and at the end of the 19th century began to export.

Category: China weaving crafts according to the raw material, bamboo weaving, the cane makes up, straw, palm fibre weaving, wicker, MaBian 6 types, etc. Weaving crafts main varieties of commodities, appreciate products, furniture, toys, shoes and hats, etc. 5 classes. Commodities have seats (mat, lie the seats), cushion, cushion for leaning on, all kinds of basket (flower basket, the popurality, fruit basket), a basin to cover (flower pot sets), boxes, tourism hammock, plate (fruit, bread plate), door curtain, basket, chimney, etc.; Appreciate the product has a hanging screen, screen and character, the animal model of weaving crafts.

Weaving crafts in such aspects as raw material, color, weaving process to form the natural, simple, pure and fresh, elegant artistic features.

On the raw material, corn husk, straw, willow, hemp and other natural yellow, JianZong, milky white, such as color and texture, to the people to the quality of the natural beauty and simple artistic enjoyment. Such as shandong wicker basket, basket, basket, flower POTS, etc., both present the wicker elegant light brown, and manifests the weaving process concise, style bold, rich natural delight.

On craft, through the use of weaving, winding buckle, nail series of a variety of techniques, such as woven into a colorful pattern and model. Although wheat straw, corn, bamboo sticks, wicker raw materials such as single color, but due to the diversity of weaving process, using the density contrast, warp/weft intersection, interspersed with hushed, contrast and other methods, in woven plane concave and convex, ups and downs, looming, is formed on the actual situation of relief of artistic effect, added color level, but also shows the exquisite craftsmanship.


Woven rich and diverse styles of shoes, there are shoes, slippers, sandals, patterns, colors more flexible. More valuable is that many big brands have also introduced a wide range of preparation shoes, shoes woven stimulate market development, but also appeared on the market a lot of preparation and image of shoes with cartoon images of vivid flowers. Weaving highly skilled, and even some upper pattern can be customized, so welcomed by the public, which also continues to explore the art of weaving a new space for development

Hand-knit wool shoes has an absolute advantage in terms of price. Compared to the hundreds of thousands of anywhere from a few hundred good shoes, hand-knit wool shoes in addition to cost some time and effort, but the cost is very small. Moreover, hand-knit wool shoes can become unique. Made on the same assembly line style of shoes, no character, and hand-woven wool shoes you can add your own thoughts and ideas, so that the baby shoes full of personality

Newborn baby, the body is very fragile, on everyday items to choose high security, there is no stimulation products. Produce their own hand-woven wool shoes, can be controlled in the material selection, most did not choose the best stimulus materials, these shoes made of safe materials, natural baby's body is the best. All security issues will be assured friends.

The advantage of this can be seen from three aspects, wearing a hand-knit wool baby shoes are very suitable.

Hand-knit wool slippers , wool shoes , slippers, a variety of color patterns with men , women's slippers. Upper and lined with wool as the material, the use of hand- woven. Sole use of rubber material , non-slip , abrasion , wet and sunny , foot feeling soft light . Wearing feeling sweaty, good thermal properties , suitable for autumn, winter and spring wear. Solid and strong , durable wear .

Method of hand-woven slippers users

Red soles , khaki uppers ; black soles, uppers ...... white hands alone , plus the awl and crochet two tools , a pair of hand-woven slippers easy to get.

The main process is knitting slippers to play sets deduction , deduction phase sets form a pair of shoes .

1, see lines of different thickness , the needle is slightly different from the number of stitches , I played 16-pin general yarn thickness. In order to prevent too loose , looking for some knitting fine , as long as woven uppers not so stiff nor soft is suitable.

2 , the second line and needle ( a return to count two rows ) , and needle position I posted a chart that is on the far left of each row left needle next time add a trocar .

3 , start without needle vamp enough that you usually wear shoes width after .

Hand made sandals are woven with colored silk rope Korea, bright color does not fade, very popular with local ladies, girls love, in short supply.

Adult models hand made sandals samples (35-43 yards) both. You can select the color according to their preferences, style custom, and stock. A dual-purpose shoe, after climbing to do with open sandals with, together, make slippers to wear. Do not hesitate, do not wear do not know, one should never wear!

Name: handmade fashion Chinese knot sandals
Color: red purple green grass
Material: Corn plant fiber
Weight: 0.20KG
Cleaning methods: Wipe
Origin: Xianyang, China
Item Details
Size :35-38
Note: Due to different measurement methods, the size will be subtle differences, such a situation is not the product quality.
Product Description:
One of the main selling styles, from pure corn plant fiber, hand weaving. Simple, elegant, stylish eco-friendly atmosphere revealed a personality.
Select the reason:
First, novelty merchandise, the public is not common. No wholesale sources.
Second, the competitiveness of large, we only give a city a dealer operating independently.
Third, eco-friendly, natural plant fibers, hand woven


Company Related Products

2013 New brand New Free Video Call Wireless Network Phone Camera Support Smoke Detector Door Sensor WiFi Alarm System IP Camera

2013 New brand New Free Video Call Wireless Network Phone Camera Support Smoke Detector Door Sensor WiFi Alarm System IP Camera

1, comes with PTZ surveillance Hassle
2, horizontal 355 degrees cruise videos, cruise videos vertically 120 degrees
3, learn

      The NPC series is a type of excellent intelligent home product specially designed for digital field. It introduces embedded LINUX operating system which is more stable. It introduces the technology of standard H.264 mp video compression format and G.711A audio compression format which insure the high-quality image, low-bit rate and single-frame playing. It introduces Cloudlink P2P network transmission technology which achieves strong network data transmission ability and remote control ability. It introduces wireless learning codes technology and wireless detector to construct a strong alarm system.




Main processor

High Performance Embedded Microprocessor Hi3512

Operating system

Embedded Linux OS


Image sensor

30W pixels CMOS

Video Compression Format


Signal System


Video Resolution


Recording Speed

VGA@ 25 fps or 30 fps

Motion Detection


Minimum illumination


Video call




Video output

BT656/3.5 inch TFT LCD




Audio Input

Built-in microphone or an external headset

Audio Output

Built-in speakers or an external headset

Recording Manager

Recording Mode

Manual/Timer/Motion / Schedule

Video Storage

USB,Micro SD


Alarm Input

Learning wireless sensor alarm input

Alarm triggered

Speakers alarm,Alarm recording,Capture,Email


Ethernet Interface

RJ45 100M / 1000M Base-TX


1* USB 2.0




YES,802.11 b/g/n


One 3.5 headphone jack

Power Supply

DC 12V 2A

PTZ Control

Built-in horizontal and vertical control motor

Power Consumption


Working Temperature


Working Humidity


Dimensions (mm)





Rack mount



Main functions

Video call

It can realize the video call not only between two NPC, but also among smart phone, tablet computer and NPC.

Record function

After inserting U disk or Micro SD to NPC, it can realize simultaneous storage and recording of audio and video, and different recording mode such as manual recording, alarm recording, timing recording can be selected.

You can search video files intelligent on the device and playback video on the screen directly.

Remote monitor

It can achieve remote monitor by using mobile APP to dial 3C number.

Wireless alarm

It introduces wireless learning code and wireless detector to construct alarm system, and also email alarm function is supported.


Power on/off your action camera

     Guaranteed 99% yield when the ship reaches the hands of the buyer.


Package Content:
* 1 x hidden Camera 

 *1 x USB Cable
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2.4GHz video doorphone intercom system & 7" TFT LCD Wireless Indoor Monitor XSL-712

2.4GHz video doorphone intercom system & 7" TFT LCD Wireless Indoor Monitor XSL-712

1.pixels high
2.high-end grade atmosphere
3.Exquisite wokemanship
4.all these are new models
5.comforable, Noble symbol

Product Name:2.4GHz Wireless Video Doorphone & 7" TFT LCD Wireless Indoor Monitor XSL-712
Category:Other Home Security
Short Description:Brand New 2.4G Wireless Video Doorphone, 1/4 CMOS and 12-bit digital audio signals, DAC interface, 8Kbps sampling rate for Outdoor Camera, 7 inch TFT 800 x 480 for Indoor Monitor. With micro-processing technology, auto-remote control, excellent performance and hight reliability.
Quantity:1 Piece
Package Size:285.0 * 275.0 * 58.0 ( mm )
Gross Weight/Package:1.18 ( kg )
TypeWireless Video Doorphone & LCD Wireless Indoor Monitor
Dimensions236 x 130 x 18mm (L x W x H)(Indoor Monitor)
Imaging Sensor1/4 CMOS
Illumination0 Lux
Power Source
Power SourceDC 5V \1A(Doorphone); DC 5V\1A (Indoor Monitor)
FeaturesWith micro-processing technology, auto-remote control, excellent performance and hight reliability
The TFT 7 inch digital color LCD for monitor
Clear night-viewing , 24 hours monitoring,take pictures, calling, speaking and unlocking remote controlling etc
Camera: 1/4 CMOS
Illumination: 0 Lux
Power Adapter: DC 5V / 1A
Current: 20~30mA (standby), 300mA (work)
Audio: 12-bit digital audio signals, DAC interface, 8Kbps sampling rate
Image Compression: MJPEG
Transmission Power: 16~20dBm
Ring Tone: 12 optional
Dimensions: 126 x 93 x 42mm (L x W x H)(Indoor Monitor)
Indoor Monitor:
Display: 7 inch TFT LCD
Resolution: 800 x 480
Charger: DC5V \ 1A
Charging Time: 7~10 hours for the first time, after 4 hours
Current : 20~30mA/3.7V (standby), 300mA (work)
Receiver Sensitivity: -90dBm
Dimensions: 236 x 130 x 18mm (L x W x H)
Package Included1 x Outdoor Camera
1 x Lock Adapter
1 x Indoor Monitor
1 x Hanging plate
2 x Power Adapters
1 x Battery
4 x Screws
1 x Manual


1 .  Any inquiries  will be replied  within 24 hours
2.  professnional  manufacture.welcome to visit for our website :
3.OME/OMD available :
1)silk print togo on the camera :
2)customized camera housing:
3)customized  color box
4)any your ideal on  camera we can help you to desgin and put it into production
4.High quality .fashion desgins.reasonable &competitive lead time
5.After-sale service :
1)All  prodects will have been strictiy quality checked in house before packing
2)All  products will be well packed before shipping
3)All our products have 2 yesrs warrantry,And  we sure the product will be free from maintenance
   within  warranty period
6.Fasrer  delivery :
Sample order in stock ,and 3-7days for bulk production
7.payment :
we have srrong cooperation with DHL.TNT.UPS.FEDEX.EMS.china Air Post.
you also can choose you own shipping forwarder


ulk production
7.payment :
we have srrong cooperation with DHL.TNT.UPS.FEDEX.EMS.china Air Post.
you also can choose you own shipping forwarder


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